Choose any, or all of our services where you might need our assistance:

-Advice and direction relating to your business's TV, radio or Cable advertising...serving The Metro Milwaukee media market.

-Helping you get outstanding advertising deals, value and frequency (for your ads to run), with any of the Milwaukee area stations. We do all placement and communication with the stations on your behalf (Media Buying). (Buys are based on your budget, supply & demand and station avails. We quote and confirm what you would be getting with your advertising budget.)

- Don't have a commercial? We'll create your high quality TV or radio commercial very affordably. We use the most experienced video-graphers and highest quality equipment. Producing your commercials are done at a fraction of the cost as our competitors and that savings is passed on to our clients. Many times radio spots can be produced at no extra charge for our clients.

-Writing your commercial for you.

-Supplying male or female voice-over talent for your commercials.

-Creating a jingle and supplying talent for a jingle to help brand your business.

*Please see us for details.

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